Alabama Winemakers and Grape Growers Association (AWGGA) is a club composed of wine lovers, both amateur and professional winemakers and fruit growers. Our common passion is promoting wine production and wine related fruit growing in the state of Alabama. We believe that education and sharing of knowledge promotes growing the best fruit for making the best wines. Wine making and fruit growing operations are good for the state of Alabama!

AWGGA invites anyone interested in wine, grape and/or wine fruit growing to join us to participate in our events which include:

  • Wine Tastings
  • Winemakers Competition
  • Fall Workshop
  • Annual Wine Festival
  • Annual Conference & Banquet
  • Educational Opportunities

Dues are $25 per year per couple ($26.41 if using PayPal to cover applicable fees). Please issue payment below.  Once we receive your payment we will forward a membership application to you immediately!

Name of new member(s)

2019-20 Officers and Board Members:

President :: Kimberly Bearden
Vice President :: Becky Berta
Secretary/Treasurer :: Paul Downs

Board Members:
Scott Lee, Marealla Winery
Randal Wilson, White Oak Vineyard
Richard Bearden